Appel à contributions pour un numéro spécial de la revue Journal of Burma Studies

Journal of Burma Studies Special Issue

Call for Abstracts

Myanmar’s Mobilities: Infrastructure, Communication and Migration

What do smartphones and dams have in common, despite being situated at opposite ends of an electric grid? They can be sources of social change, controversy, degradation and inspiration, depending on what aspect is under scrutiny. As elsewhere, in Myanmar technologies of communication and transportation have played crucial roles in changing not only how people survive, but what they think, feel and eat. The environments have also been transformed in these processes.

In this Special Issue, the Journal of Burma Studies seeks to draw together an interdisciplinary collection of papers on the broad theme of Myanmar’s Mobilities. Mobilities can include research about communication and transport technologies, including (but hardly limited to): phones, the Internet, YouTube, Social Media, telegraph, rails, rivers, aircraft, porters and mules. The other sides of the communication and transportation, of course are the transported and the mobile, thinking about products, migrants, legal issues, remittances, popular culture and contact.

The Journal would especially like to reach out to PhD Students and Junior Scholars to consider submitting their research to this issue; as an interdisciplinary theme, we welcome novel approaches, including those from geography, history, sociology, ichthyology, literature, engineering, communications, geology, anthropology and religious studies, to name but a few. We welcome any paper proposal that highlights a certain aspect of mobility in Myanmar, and challenges us to see new angles for how to understand either a historic moment, process, or contemporary condition in the mobile.

Abstracts should be a maximum of 250 words, and sent as email attachment in .doc or .docx format. Include on the same page of your abstract your name, affiliation and preferred email address. Please also wrote “Journal of Burma Studies Special Issue: Mobilities” in the title of your email.

Abstracts due: 30 June 2019

Please send your abstracts (and address any questions) to

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