CFP : Atelier « Language and Social Hierarchy: Address and Self-Reference Practices in Southeast Asia », 21-22 juin 2019, Université de Sydney

Language and Social Hierarchy

Workshop on address and self-reference in Southeast Asia

Abstract due 30 March 2019

Research on address and self-reference in Southeast Asian languages has highlighted the dominance of a hierarchical, kinship-based model. Hierarchy manifests itself in people’s sensitivity to age and generational, institutional and socio-economic differences.

Studies of person reference in interaction have shown that the hierarchy-based system is as fixed as it is dynamic. While the terms for indexing age and generation within the same family are not alterable, people can negotiate positioning through alternative strategies


Despite this flexibility, it has been noted that, to convey symmetrical relations one may have to “step outside the system” in selecting terms, which illustrates of a tension between hierarchy and equality. This also tells us that social hierarchy remains the reference point relative to which practices of symmetry are measured. It also affirms our understanding of hierarchy as structurally stable ordering of social relations inherently intolerant of parity.

But what if it is possible to accomplish parity without stepping out of the system? How can we reconcile the tension between hierarchy and equality? Is reciprocal use of terms indexical of symmetrical relationship, or is it that we cannot assume reciprocal forms are synonymous with equal status? Is there a place for an argument that all social relations are inherently asymmetrical?

We invite scholars with expertise on Southeast Asian languages to participate in this workshop to debate these issues and offer a fresh perspective on the relationship between language and social hierarchy. In doing so, we hope to arrive at greater understanding of how addressing and self-reference practices constitute a fundamental aspect of social life in the region.


Nerida Jarkey

Important Dates

30 March 2019: Abstract due
15 April 2019: Notification of abstract acceptance
17 June 2019: Draft of paper due for circulation
21-22 June 2019: Workshop
30 October 2019: Full paper due
30 June 2020: Book proposal scheduled for submission


There is no fee for this workshop, but interested participants are asked to register by emailing Workshop Convenors (please send your email to both Novi Djenar and Nerida Jarkey).

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