Indonesia and the Malay World Young Scholar Prize 2019 – New deadline for submissions : 1 May 2019

Indonesia and the Malay World Young Scholar Prize 2019
Journal prize for winning article £300

New deadline for submissions : 1 May 2019

The Editorial Board of Indonesia and the Malay World (IMW) is pleased to announce a new call for submissions of original articles by young scholars to the 2019 prize. ‘Young scholar’ is defined by IMW as either someone in the process of completing his or her PhD or someone who has been awarded a doctorate within the last five years. The submitted article should be concerned with the languages, literatures, art, archaeology, history, religion, anthropology, performing arts, cinema or tourism of the region covered by the journal (Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, southern Thailand and southern Philippines).

Award-winning submissions will be published in the journal. No rigid limit is imposed on the length of the contribution but the most suitable length is 6,000-8,000 words. Articles must be formatted in accordance with IMW house style and entrants should refer to the most recent print issue or check IMW’s guideline for contributors on its webpage


Submissions have to be written in good academic English to be considered and should be sent as an email attachment with the email subject header: IMW YSP + author’s name, together with a brief CV, to, by 1 May 2019. Any queries should be directed to Dr Mulaika Hijjas,

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