CFP Journal of Global Buddhism invites submissions on Buddhist youth

This special issue for the Journal of Global Buddhism invites submissions on Buddhist youth in and across a range of geographical locations, including research on lay and monastic Buddhist youth in both majority and minority Buddhist contexts. It takes a broad view of ‘Buddhist youth’ that includes not only those who have been raised in Buddhist families and accept traditional tenets of Buddhist philosophy, but also young people who self-identify as Buddhist without being raised as Buddhist, and young people who engage in Buddhist teachings and practices without necessarily identifying as Buddhist. In light of ongoing debates regarding definitions of ‘youth’, other definitions of Buddhist youth will also be considered, especially if they relate to one or more of the topics listed below.

We are especially interested in contributions from Southeast Asia and Myanmar, in particular. Please consider submitting an abstract if this is near your field of study:

Young people are often at the forefront of religious change. As research on Buddhism proliferates, a focus on Buddhist youth can shed new light on the changes taking place as Buddhist teachings, practices, institutions and resources are transformed, modified and redefined across different contexts.

Papers which focus on the global south are particularly encouraged, as are papers which engage with and advance existing and emerging theoretical and conceptual directions. We welcome multidisciplinary perspectives, e.g. sociological, political, anthropological, religious studies, Buddhist studies and youth studies perspectives, as well as insider and/or outsider research.

Topics may include (but are not limited to) the following:

• Engagements with Buddhist practice and thought, contemporary manifestations of mindfulness, religious nationalism, and the politics of gender, sexuality, race and class

• Transnational and technologically-mediated flows
and mobilities

• Generational differences and/or continuities

• Issues of transmission and modernisation

• Buddhist youth transitions to adulthood

• Buddhist youth identity and belonging

• Buddhist youth organisations

• Buddhist education in schools

• Hybrid religious identification

150 words abstracts are due 22 February 2019. Authors whose abstracts have been accepted will be informed by 8 March, and will be invited to submit full articles by September 1.

All submissions and questions regarding the special issue should be addressed to the coeditors:

Kim Lam:

Elizabeth Williams-Oerberg:

Brooke Schedneck:

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