call for edited volume chapter submissions

Returning to the Region:
Philippine History and the Contingencies of Southeast Asia

DGE Hall’s A History of Southeast Asia (1955) excluded the Philippines
from Southeast Asia, placing it instead within the Western hemisphere.
Philippine historiography, in turn, has largely displaced the context of
Southeast Asia, centering instead on its internal regions. This domestic
regionalism stems, in part, from A. McCoy and E. De Jesus’s Philippine
Social History (1982), which was a pioneering volume that inspired a
reframing of the Philippine past in interdisciplinary and dynamic ways.
Yet, the legacy of their publication has strangely reinforced——rather
than ruptured——the insularity of Philippine studies.

Building upon and paying homage to Philippine Social History’s regional
turn inward, this edited volume seeks to effect a regional turn outward,
examining the Philippines within the contingencies of Southeast Asia.
While recognizing Southeast Asian regionality as a political product as
well as a tangible biotic zone——stretching from the Bay of Bengal to the
Marianas Trench——this volume will show how ideas of Southeast Asian
regional space have existed in ways that complicate the ‘area studies.'
Excavating these spaces, this book seeks to return the Philippines to
its more fluid, regional context to locate the study of the Philippines
not at the edge of Southeast Asia but embedded within it.

If you wish to submit a chapter to be considered for inclusion in the
book, please send an abstract and short bio to the editors listed below.

Nicole CuUnjieng Aboitiz, Ph.D.
Faculty of History & Clare Hall
University of Cambridge (UK)

Anthony D. Medrano, Ph.D.
Department of History & Center for the Environment
Harvard University (USA)
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