Malaysian-French Seminar on China Asia Center, 28 septembre

Attention l’accès à cet événement se fait par inscription uniquement.

Asia Centre is pleased to invite you to the international seminar of its 2017-2018 Observatory on China’s political and strategic evolution.
This year’s seminar will focus on comparing French and Malaysian positions towards contemporary China.
Welcome Speech by Jean-François Di Meglio (Asia Centre)
Opening remarks by Prof. Jean-Pierre Cabestan (HKBU/Asia Centre)
8:45 – 10:45 – Panel 1: China-Malaysia Relations & the South China Sea Issue
Chair: Cdt Jérôme Chardon (DGRIS); Speaker: Dr Vivian Forbes (MIMA); Discussant: Dr. Farish Ahmad-Noor (RSIS)
11:00 – 12:30 – Panel 2: The ASEAN between China & the US: Unity of the ASEAN, the US’ South East Asia Policy under Trump, Possible Areas of Cooperation between the ASEAN and Europe
Speaker: Elina Noor (ISIS); Discussant: CF Marianne Péron-Doise (Irsem/Asia Centre)

14:00 – 16:00 – Panel 3: Terrorism in Southeast Asia: Malaysia’s Approach to Terrorism & Deradicalisation, and Cooperation with External Powers (US, China, France)
Chair: prof. Jean-François Huchet (Inalco); Speaker: Dr. Farish Ahmad-Noor (RSIS); Discussant: Dr Mathieu Duchâtel (ECFR)
Closing remarks by Prof. Jean-Pierre Cabestan (HKBU/Asia Centre)
Asia Centre’s China Observatory provides monitoring and analysis on every constituting dimension of the Chinese power (strategic, political, industrial economic and financial), and contributes to the development of an independent expertise of American points of view on China’s strategic affairs.
Focused on internal politics, the modernization of the PLA, and China’s foreign and security policies in Asia and the world, as well as their influence on French and European interests, the Observatory gathers a community of experts, academics and members of the administration, and spreads and shares its work with a worldwide network of China specialists
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