Diffuse Cities, International Seminar, 10-12 April 2017

Diffuse cities
International Seminar, 10-12 April 2017 
Organized by Labex « Urban Futures » & UMR AUSSER, ENSAPB; LATTS, Lab’Urba, UPEM;
with the Research Department LESTARI, Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia and Indian Institute of Human Settlements (IIHS)

Steering Committee:
Olivier Coutard (LATTS); Adèle Esposito (AUSSER); Joël Idt (Lab’Urba); Etienne Monin
(TELEMME); Andrea Palmioli (AUSSER-HKU); Margot Pellegrino (Lab’Urba), with Antoine Brès

This international seminar brings together, and confronts, studies of diffuse urbanization in Europe and Asia. Its ambition is to produce theoretically informed and theory-informing comparative empirical knowledge on how these peripheral urban areas and regions develop and transform, how they are practiced and lived, and on the use of resources (land, energy, water…) involved in these processes. Studies of the production and transformation of, and ways of life in, urban environments abound, yet these two issues are usually analyzed separately.

Above all, a vast majority of these studies disregards issues of urban form and materiality broadly conceived. Conversely architects, urbanists and geographers have described or advocated variegated land use patterns, built area layouts and building designs, but in these studies, analyses on how built environments are produced and lived generally remain either superficial, oversimplified or normative. 
The seminar is organized around 4 panels and two keynote talks:
– Panel 1: Urbanity Beyond Centrality
– Panel 2: “Ordinary” urban production and transformation
– Panel 3: Activity systems
– Panel 4: Territorial and Urban ecologies
– Keynote talk 1 : Diffusing Urbanization: Deciphering the Spatial Assemblages of 21st Century Urbanization – Terry McGee
– Keynote talk 2: Diffuse City and Horizontal Metropolis – Paola Vigano’
Detailed presentation and program:  https://diffuse.sciencesconf.org/ 
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