Nouveau blog sur l’environnement en Asie du Sud Est

Please find the address of the research blog associated to the seminar  Societies and Environments in Southeasth Asia :

This blog will be used as a collaborative tool to restitute all sessions. I’ve already published the introductive session I’ve made to present Descola’s thought (part 1) and how it resonates in Southeast Asia (part 2).
The  presentation of Stephane Rennesson on « Beetles contests in Thailand » is coming soon. I will soon send you an invitation to publish your own presentation on the blog.

Thank you to relay these publications  in your online academic networks to enlarge the audience.
You can for exemple use the announcements made by Irasec in its Facebook page : and Twitter account @irasecbangkok

In order to announce your presentation thank you to send us :

– a picture linked to your subject of research

– a sort biography with a picture of you (few lines with your discipline, institutional affiliation, research interests and 1 or 2 main publications)

– a link to your institution

– a short abstact of your presentation (one month before)

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