Call for Papers and Workshop: Political ideologies in Southeast Asia. 20 February 2017

The Institute of Asian Studies (Chulalongkorn University) in partnership with the Institute of Asia Pacific Studies (University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus) invites submissions that explicitly engage with ideological analysis related to state-society relations, political contest and the construction of political power in a Southeast Asian setting.  Papers that apply existing or new forms of ideological analysis to explore concrete expressions of the ideology in question are strongly encouraged. Some of the themes or issues we hope to explore include:

*the distinctive traditions of meaning surrounding key political concepts such as liberty, equality, the general interest, or security in particular political settings.

*the dissemination of explicit ideological forms and the role of public intellectuals, media or think-tanks play in the consolidation of particular ideological orientations.

* manifest ideological competition in parliamentary debates or other public forums.

*the social basis of distinctive ideologies or of ideological hybrids.

*unnamed ideological forms and their lifeworld.

*the impact of ideological currents on public policy.

*the morphology of liberalisms, conservatisms, feminisms, environmentalisms, fascisms or any other recognized ideology.

* the value or otherwise of thick ideological analysis in enhancing understanding of well-described political conflicts.

Interested authors are requested to submit an abstract by February 20 2017 to Michael Connors ( Earlier submissions are welcomed. Scholars who have written on ideology in languages other than English and who wish to develop their work for publication in English are especially welcome to submit.  Selected participants will be invited to attend a two-day workshop in Bangkok in May or June 2017 to present draft papers. A second workshop may be held in Kuala  Lumpur.  Financial assistance to attend will be provided, but only airfares from within Southeast Asia may be funded.  Publication will be subject to blind review. Depending on the number of papers received, an edited monograph may also be published.

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