Post Doctoral Research Associate, Durham University, date limite: 2 Janvier 2017


Please note that the position closes for applications at 23.30pm on 02 January 2017.

The School of Government and International Affairs at Durham University wishes to appoint a full time Postdoctoral Research Associate for 18 months to work on a research project entitled ‘Reframing centuries of Cham forced displacement: Connections, interactions and networks across the South China Sea’. This post is to assist Dr Claire Sutherland (Durham University) and Dr Edyta Roszko (Copenhagen University) in investigating Cham Muslims who live across Southeast Asia, speak a Malayo-Polynesian language and exemplify the global and protracted nature of forced displacement.

Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork and museum representations across three countries – China, Vietnam and Malaysia – the project will offer first hand insights into the multiple social and economic inequalities arising from the lasting repercussions of repeated historical displacements that continue to mark the Cham out as marginal, even centuries on. Focusing on the historically fluid cultural and political identities of those engaged in the South China Sea (SCS) region, the project seeks to illuminate how perceived ethnic and religious commonalities and differences are interwoven with legislation and domestic discourses in ‘host’ countries, and how this might facilitate or constrain the integration of vulnerable and displaced groups like the Cham.

The research includes ethnographic fieldwork in villages in Malaysia in order to enhance knowledge of the Cham and the legacy of past forced displacement for a regionally mobile people, to include political, religious and trade activities and integration in their ‘host’ countries. The PDRA will be required to undertake multi-site fieldwork in Malaysia, contribute to research outputs and capacity-building with museum partners in Malaysia, and attend international conferences to present the project findings.

Interviews for this position are expected to take place in late January 2017 and the successful candidate should begin work in April 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter.

For further details of this position including person specification and success indicators, please read the full applicant brief situated at the bottom of this page.

Close Date : 02-Jan-2017
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