Explorations Volume 14 Theme: “Seas, Oceans, Rivers, and Springs: Perspectives on Water in the Study of Southeast Asia” Deadline: February 4, 2017

Constituting more than 70% of the area of Southeast Asia, water has long played a fundamental role in shaping the history, culture, politics, and development of the region. Monsoon rains influenced agricultural practices and determined migrations. Maritime trade routes attracted both local and foreign merchants, while kingdoms and empires sought control over strategic waterways and port cities to project their power over global commerce. For coastal communities, the seas and rivers continue to provide livelihoods and connections to the broader world. In recent years, issues relating to water security, rising sea levels, devastating floods, and maritime border disputes have dominated news stories about Southeast Asia. These issues, trends, and phenomena invite scholars to explore the multitude of ways that water influences and helps define Southeast Asia in every field of study.

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