Doctoral and Post-doctoral Workshop Theravada Civilizations Project March 15, 2017

University of Toronto
Deadline: 1 January 2017

Applicants should send a current cv and a ten-page proposal to

The Theravada Civilizations Project is pleased to announce plans for an intensive Doctoral and Post-doctoral workshop, which will be held on March 15, one day prior to the Association for Asian Studies, March16-19, 2012 at the University of Toronto. We will pay for roundtrip airfare and two nights in a hotel, March 14 and 15.

Theravada Buddhism is practiced throughout the world with over 150 million practitioners settled primarily in Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Burma, Nepal, and Thailand. Diaspora communities from South and Southeast Asia as well as the global interest in Insight (vipassana) meditation has led to the growth of Theravada Buddhism in the Americas, Australia, Japan, and Europe. The scholarly study of Theravada Buddhism began with the scrutiny of Pali and Sanskrit literature, but now covers many disciplines including literature, ethics, anthropology, philology, philosophy, history, cultural studies, political science, urban studies, and art and material culture.

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