“Thailand in Comparative Perspective : An International Symposium”, 26-27/09/2016, University of Sydney

“Following the successful International Conference on Thai Studies (ICTS) in April 2014, the University of Sydney will host a two-day international symposium on the theme of Thailand in Comparative Perspective

to promote the sharing of ideas and insights on the comparative outlook of recent developments in Thailand from a diverse bodies of knowledge in the social sciences and humanities. We focus on the ‘comparative perspective’ as we believe scholars and students of Thailand can gain much value from understanding Thailand through comparative lens: whether comparing across different historical periods, the region, the issue or the world. The international symposium seeks to encourage a more systematic comparative analysis on Thailand to gain greater insights into the challenges and opportunities facing this nation of 67-million people.”

Date limite pour l’envoi des abstracts : 29 avril 2016


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