Call for papers. Queer Southeast Asia : a literary journal of transgressive art

Appels à contributions. Nouvelle revue : Queer Southeast Asia : a literary journal of transgressive art

Editeurs : B.B.P. Hosmillo, poète (Philippines), Cyril Wong, poète (Singapour), Hendri Yulius, enseignant-chercheur spécialiste des questions de genre et de sexualité (Indonésie), J. Pilapil Jacobo, enseigne la littérature et les études culturelles à l’Université Ateneo de Manila (Philippines), Pang Khee Teik, consultant artistique, activiste, organisateur d’expositions, photographe, écrivain (Malaisie).

“This on-line literary journal comes out in a time of continuous and emerging efforts

of fighting for LGBTIQ rights in Southeast Asia and after the groundbreaking legalization

of same-sex marriage in the US that has effected more resounding trivialized and

dogmatized modes of speaking about homosexuality in the region, often climaxing to

a decentered view of homosexuality, i.e. away from same-sex desire. While it is true

that this “homosexual turn” is generative in ways that provide chances for homosexuals

to claim their identity no matter how constrained, the vigilance in the region to

persecute homosexuals is still, and shamelessly apparent.”

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