NALANDA-SRIWIJAYA CENTRE. The Heritage of Ancient and Urban Sites: Giving Voice to Local Priorities 14 Mar 2016 – 15 Mar 2016


Date: 14 Mar 2016 – 15 Mar 2016. Venue: ISEAS Seminar Room 1 & 2

The workshop brings together heritage professionals, policymakers and grassroots organisations from six countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand. Speakers present their work with local, regional and global communities in voicing local priorities at ancient and urban heritage sites. Each country is at a critical juncture in relation to public awareness and commitment on issues of cultural heritage.

Discussion of ancient and urban sites in local, transborder and international contexts can highlight commonalities and differences in defining and effecting greater community participation. Speakers will present local experiences and expertise in an open and non-prescriptive manner. Selected papers will be published.


For details on the workshop, click here.


Please register before 10 March 2016. Click here to register.
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