Diversity Encounters: Intersectional and Post-colonial Perspectives

Joint conference of Humboldt University of Berlin and National University of Singapore

Berlin, 23-26 May 2016

Call for Papers

Humboldt University of Berlin (ERC Project TRANSFORmIG, and Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research BIM) and the National University of Singapore (Asia Research Institute ARI, and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences FASS) invite abstract submissions in keeping with the following conference themes:

–    Urban encounters and local politics

–    Diversity encounters and racism

–    Diversity and social inequalities

–    Diversity encounters beyond ethnic lens

–    Diversity in organisations

–    Diversities in a comparative perspective


We welcome papers from a variety of critical perspectives. We are particularly eager to encourage papers that are theoretically informed, future oriented and empirically grounded as well as those which use a post-colonial, intersectional and/or comparative lens.


Conference Theme

In recent years the impact (new) migrants make on the multicultural and multiracial dimensions of cities in Europe and Asia has featured prominently on the research agenda. While this has led to an efflorescence of highly insightful publications little effort has been made to develop a collaborative perspective. The East-West divide, in that sense, sees itself replicated in research agendas which all too easily agree on ‘difference’ and ‘otherness’. With this joint conference we wish to argue differently. Bringing together researchers from different world regions, will allow for refection and dialogue where it concerns each other’s’ research findings.


Information for Abstract Submissions

–    Abstract must not be more than 300 words in length;

–    Please provide us with a short bio and your institutional contact details;

–    The closing date for submission of abstracts is October 15th, 2015;

–    Please submit your abstract to transformig@sowi.hu-berlin.de;

–    Abstracts will be evaluated jointly by the organizing team from the HU and the NUS;

–    Notification of acceptance will be sent to authors in December 2015.


Further information can be found at www.transformig.hu-berlin.de/diversity-conference2016

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