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Rapid economic growth over the past decades in a number of developing countries, including Vietnam, has entailed changes in the structure of the economy (e.g. decline in the relative share of agriculture in employment, importance of the informal sector), and society (emergence of middle classes, increased inequalities…). The relationship between education and socio-economic change is often understood as education for social and economic change, and an important body of scientific literature focuses on the benefits of developing education to foster economic growth and social progress. It may also be understood as the changes in skills and competences acquired through education that are required to cope with rapid change in the social and economic arenas, or as the impact of socio-economic change on both the supply and demand of education. It may be viewed as a mutual relationship.

Against this background, an international conference with the main theme Socio-economic Change and Education will be organized by Manpower Training Needs Analysis and Forecast Centre (MATNAF), Vietnam Institute for Education Sciences (VNIES), and French Institute of Research for Development (IRD). It is designed to bring together scholars, researchers, academics, practitioners throughout Vietnam and all over the world in order to share knowledge and experience in the fields of Socio-economic Change and Education.

We highly appreciate VNIES, IRD and DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service); NGOs and many organizations and individuals for providing technical and financial support to the conference.


The conference aims to serve as a discussion platform to:

  • present recent research advances in Socio-economic Change and Education;
  • highlight the good practices and experiences worldwide;
  • provide an outlook of opportunities and challenges going forward; and
  • promote possible cooperation among participants in the fields concerned.



Major topics include, but are not limited to:

1.     Socio-economic change, skills, and education

  • new dynamics of labour market
  • changes in the skills and competence
  • accommodation of education systems
  • demand for education
  • professional training
  • curriculum reform and socio-economic development
  • employment opportunities
  • forms of mobility and access to education
  • impacts of mobility on demand and supply of education
  • mobility and educational policies
  • changes in socio-economic environment and child labour
  • emergence of new economic zones, businesses and child labour
  • child labour and access to quality education
  • trade-off between child labour and education opportunities

2.     Socio-economic change, mobility, and education

3.     Change in the socio-economic environment, child labour and education



  • Experts, researchers, academics, educators, lecturers, activists, students, and those representing universities, research institutions, national and international organizations and other agencies; Educational managers and policy-makers.


Information for Authors

  1. Important Dates:
  • Abstract submission deadline: 15th July 2015
  • Notification of abstract acceptance: 25th July 2015
  • Full paper submission deadline: 05th September 2015
  • Corrected/adjusted full paper deadline: 20th September 2015
  • Conference time: 3rd-4th November 2015
  1. Submission process:
  • Authors are invited to submit unpublished, original work as full conference paper of not more than 5,000 words including abstract and references.
  • Manuscripts should be compiled in the following order: title page (including acknowledgements as well as Funding and grant-awarding bodies); abstract; keywords; main text; references; appendices (as appropriate); table(s) with caption(s) (on individual pages); figure caption(s) (as a list).
  • Abstracts of approximately 200 words are required for all manuscripts submitted.
  • Each manuscript should include 5 to 6 keywords listed in an alphabetical order.
  • The references should follow APA (American Psychological Association) style. For detailed information, please consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition,


Editorial Procedures

All papers considered appropriate for publishing are subject to review by two reviewers. The Editor reserves the right to request the author(s) to make any necessary changes in their papers or to reject the paper submitted. Following the review, the suggestions on how to correct/adjust the full papers will be sent to the author for follow-up. Once the final version of the paper is accepted, authors may not make further changes to the text.


Conference languages

  • English and Vietnamese

Conference contact

Mrs. Luong Minh Phuong

Tel: (+844) 3941 0438; Mob: (+844) 0919646713; Email:

To register and to learn more about the conference, please visit the website:

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